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in life and in business 

We are Alfio and Pamela, and we look forward
to helping you with your project.

Over the years, we have assisted people from different countries in creating their dream homes, ideal office spaces, attractive shops, and stylish restaurants.


We strongly believe in the advantages of digital technology. Collaborating with anyone from anywhere in the world is easier than ever!

And if this is true for personal friendships, it is also for business relationships, because integrity, reliability, and professionalism are values that are lived and can be equally transmitted in-person or through digital interactions.

Alfio Di Bella-Pamela Cappelletti  Interior AP portrait photo

Meet our team

Alfio Di Bella-architect-working-Interior AP


 - Architect

My name is Alfio and I usually introduce myself by saying "I am an Architect" instead of "I work as an Architect" because architecture is my greatest passion.

I graduated from the architecture faculty in Genoa, Italy, in 1989.
Since then, I've worked between Italy and the Far East—where I've lived for 22 years. Through Finenco Architects, which I founded in 2002, I have developed many projects, from residential properties and commercial spaces, to hospitality venues and Masterplans.

Whenever I start a new project, I have the same enthusiasm as I did in my first one many years ago. I’m eager to find out what kind of space we can create together. But now, alongside that enthusiasm, I also have the experience of over 500 completed projects.

While working with clients from different cultures and backgrounds, I have learned that human beings need to live in an environment characterized by a mix of colors, materials, and lines that create a UNIQUE space where you feel YOURSELF with your UNIQUENESS.


 - Interior Design Consultant

My name is Pamela, and my career originated as a Linguistic and Cultural Mediator. My profession yielded from a passion for language and communication, but life has brought me into close contact with the world of renovation, architecture, interior design, and furniture.

I've made my passion for the Chinese language available to the architecture and interior design world, working with many renowned brands in the sector. Initially, I compared myself to a 'linguistic bridge' that 'translated' the projects. However, their essence planted a seed inside me that grew.


Over the years, I learned more and more insights and secrets about interior design, mainly about living spaces and furniture. Today, I share the joys of helping people with design inspirations that allow them to create their dream homes.

Pamela Cappelletti-working-interior-designer at Interior AP

We can support you wherever in the world you wish to carry out your project.

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